Programming ThrustGrade Group Descriptions
Since Jack and Jill was founded in 1938, it has evolved into a strong national organization with a commitment to programming. Our Founder Marion Stubbs Thomas had a simple idea of bringing together children in social and cultural relationships. This simple idea propelled Jack and Jill of America, Inc. into a strong national organization. Our story of growth, as new members are welcomed and new chapters are formed, have strengthened Jack and Jill, always keeping with our children and civic service as the central focus.

The national executive board develops a national theme to guide the organization’s efforts. The 2016-2018 national theme and brand continues to be, The Power to Make a Difference. The Pillars of Power are all geared toward positively creating a medium of contact for children which will stimulate growth and development.  Our regional tone is Embracing our Past, Enriching our Present, and Empowering our Future, continuing the expansion of the rich legacy of our region. Our chapter theme is:

AIM High: For Our Children and for Our Communities

Each chapter in the Southeastern Region is challenged to use your collective Power to take Programming from ordinary to extraordinary.

Programmatic Goals

Programming is the “Heart” of our organization and is the way that we stimulate growth and development. National programming thrusts include:

  • Education – the Power of Knowledge
  • Cultural – the Power of Purpose – Embracing our Culture and History
  • Civic – the Power of Advocacy and Action
  • Social/Recreational – the Power of Great Leadership
  • Health – the Power of Good Health

Programming is primarily centered around leadership development, awareness of cultural heritage, and community service. We have established multi-faceted initiatives such as STE’A’M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math), the Healthy Living Initiative (centered on lifestyle improvements and healthy development) and various special projects with national and local partners. The philosophy we embrace is one of holistic enrichment of our youth, and by extension, our communities.

The Greater Fort Lauderdale All Star Line Up!

Twinkling Stars (Pre-K – Kindergarten)


Shining Stars (1st – 3rd Grade)


Blazing Stars (4th – 5th Grade)


Rising Stars (6th – 8th Grade)


Super Stars (9th – 12th Grade)