Membership Matters

Membership has many advantages, and together we create a resourceful network of mothers (Mothers, Legal Guardians or Custodial Caretakers) raising productive citizens. Jack and Jill success is based on the depth of commitment, vision and confidence of its members. Our mother members have children between the of ages 2 to 19 in over 230 local chapters in seven (7) geographical regions in the United States. Membership is gained through invitation/sponsorship by an active mother in good standing.

Membership Via Invitation

We appreciate your interest in joining our chapter. To learn more about chapter membership, please send an inquiry to our Vice-President of Membership using the contact form below.


Legacy Membership

Legacy status is granted to each child (male or female) who graduates from a Jack and Jill Chapter and whose mother is a member in good standing at the time of the child’s graduation from the chapter.

To obtain legacy membership, a completed Legacy application must be submitted to National Headquarters by January 31st. For more information, please contact our Vice-President of Membership using the contact form below.


Associate Membership

To learn about associate membership status, visit the national Jack and Jill of America, Inc website.